Curriculum Vitae

Born Leeds, West Yorkshire



I studied at Newport College of Higher Education in 1988-1991. Here I began experimenting with process and time. I took apart old refrigerators and ran them for months at a time. Heidegger and Camus were an important influence on this early work and an interest in philosophy is still a key interest. I've been based in Glasgow since 1994 when I graduated from Glasgow School of Art.

I work with a range of media- neon, sculptural objects, sound, digital video and photography. My work draws on different temporalities and past interventions at specific urban and rural-sites. This initial material, selected and 'extracted' from the world through photography and sound recording, becomes transformed and reconfigured. Ultimately, it is translated into new objects. These new objects are palimpsests, informed and infused by their residues, traces and accumulations of previous histories. As objects of residue, they stand in relation to our experience of space, presence and time precisely as the past stands in relation to the present. The work becomes a non-linear cipher for the subjective awareness of time in a specific location.

I also work part-time as an Artist for Artlink Edinburgh, working to provide unique art experiences for people with profound developmental disability, trying through experimental art to find bridges for communication to occur. This work has influenced the current direction of ideas and I am currently undertaking a part time Phd at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, working title being the Aesthetic of the inter-human. A key aspect of my research might be called micro acoustic phenomenology, a stripping back to essences, moving away from the usual syntax of music contained in time to locate an essence of mutual meaning and communication. I'm also interested in how we resonate together with a sound or artwork and the links to subsequent emotional states and responses.~

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